Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dance Class

I can't believe that she's really old enough to do this, but Elizabeth starts a dance and gymnastics class on Thursday. Its an all-in-one kind of survey course, where they spend the first half hour doing 10-15 minutes each of tap, ballet, and creative movement, and then they spend the last half hour doing gymnastics.

Mostly, my hope for her is that she learns to have control over her body, starts to appreciate music and fine arts, and learns that moving your body and being physically active is a fun thing.

Here she is, modeling her new leotard (with sparkles!) and tights, and her ballet shoes...

...and with her tap shoes. ("Mom! I can make a lot - A LOT! - of noise in these shoes!!")
Let the fun begin.

1 comment:

Alli said...

Just wait till she insists on wearing some combination of her new stuff to Target! ;)

She's precious!! I can't wait to hear how she likes the class after she's been going for a while! When's her first class? I thought you said Thursday....?