Monday, June 1, 2009

She Rolled Over!

So, this is the impetus for this blog.

On Saturday, May 30, my youngest daughter, Charlotte, rolled over for the first time. Well, that's not totally true. She actually rolled over when she was 5 weeks old, but it was just a fluke (even though my mommy self naturally believes that she's just that advanced). So Saturday was the first real time. She was 4 months, 1 day old. Just like the books say it should happen.

My other daughter, Elizabeth, didn't roll over consistently until she was almost 7 months old! I don't know if its because she was a large baby (10 lbs, 6 oz!), or just because she didn't really have any place she needed to go. But no worries, she was walking at 10 months.

I love that my two girls give me physical reminders of their differences. It would be so easy to only see them through their commonalities otherwise. I pray that, as they grow, I will continue to recognize and celebrate the qualites that make each of them unique, and that they will be able to do the same.

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