Wednesday, July 29, 2009

6 Months!

Didn't I just write the 5 month post, like, last week? Time sure does fly (and now I know I'm really old because only old people talk like that). Charlotte's chuggin' along, doing really well.

In the last month,

- she's successfully weaned the Miracle Blanket, a feat that was much less traumatic than I anticipated.

- she's gotten really really proficient at rolling over purposefully. We can place her on a blanket and, within seconds, she's rolled to the other side of the room. Her most common nickname currently is "roley poley".

- we've confirmed that she's still allergic to cow's milk, due to some hidden milk proteins in her rice cereal that was clearly marked "dairy free". The good news is that it was the milk proteins (which we already knew she was allergic to), and not another allergy.

- we've begun veggies in addition to her rice cereal. So far she's just had carrots, but we're looking forward to some squash this weekend. I made both of the kids' baby food, and I love it! Its such a simple hobby, but a fun way for me to rest my mind for a while and do something good for my kiddos.

- Charlotte charms everyone with her smiles. When she's happy, she's really happy, and she'll share her heart-melting grin with anyone who will eat it up.

- she's learned to talk...well, babble...but its clear she has something to say. She just woke up one morning emphatically saying profound things such as "boo, boo, BAH, bo.." The best part is that she loves to carry on nonsense conversations with us.

- she hasn't quite mastered the art of sitting on her own. (Its a really hard thing to do when your torso makes up a good 4/5 of your whole body, leaving only tiny legs to support it all!) She's working on it though. I suspect it won't be long.

- she hasn't gotten any teeth yet, but the whole teething process is sure giving her a run for her money. Soon enough, sweet girl.

- I'm guessing that her current weight is around 15 lbs., but we'll get an official number at her 6 month doctor's visit on Friday.

I LOVE that grin!

Elizabeth wanted in on the picture taking fun too. Sweet sisters.


Alli said...

Eep! Another 6 months and she'll be a year!! Slow down already!

ALISON said...

Tell ME! If you figure out how to make it all slow down, would you let me know?