Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

Dear Elizabeth,

Well, you're officially a "big girl" now. There's nothing about you that screams baby -or toddler, for that matter, any more. You're growing up...and nothing makes me more proud than to watch you from a distance and see what a wonderful little girl you're becoming.

You're so smart. Really. I'm not just saying that 'cause I'm your mamma. You amaze us every day with the new things your know. Just the other day you were helping your Amma make your birthday cake, and you told her which colors to mix together to get the icing colors you wanted. You can spell - and write! - your name all by yourself. You seem to think you need help with the Z and the B, but I'm convinced that you could do it by yourself if you wanted to. You're just soaking up the world of knowledge around you, figuring out how things work more and more every day.

You love art. At school, y'all get to do a lot of paining and watercolor and coloring and collages every day, and you eat that up. You're willing to spend a lot longer on each of your masterpieces than your peers, something that consistently impresses your teachers. You also love music. You love singing - in English and Spanish - and making music with all your instruments. Sometimes the racket starts to bother me, but I'm glad you have an appreciation for these things. Maybe sometime in the near future we can start to refine your interests. :-)

And, most importantly, you're growing into a kind and compassionate little girl. You love your sister immensely, you work hard to get along with your friends at school (even the ones that are not so easy to get along with), and you're starting to understanding that not everybody is as lucky as we are, and care about them. I'm proud of you. You teach me about the important things in life everyday.

So Happy Birthday, Elizabeth. I'm lucky to be your mamma. Keep growing and learning and loving.

Love you,

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Alli said...

Aww, what a beautiful blessing she is! Hope you all had a wonderful day and celebration.